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Finland – Land of the thousand lakes

Finland is the eighth largest country in Europe in terms of area with a population of only around 5.3 million people which makes Finland the most sparsely populated country in Europe. The landscape is mostly flat with few hills, and mostly covered by forests and lakes (approximately 92%).

Finland joined the European Union in 1995 and introduced the Euro as its national currency in 2002.

Finish and Swedish are the two official languages spoken in Finland. Most people also speak English especially in lager cities.

Lapland Province – Land of the midnight sun

Lapland is located on the same latitude as Alaska and Siberia. The northern part of Finland is vast, harsh, impressive and because of its endlessness somehow scary. Winters are grim; temperatures partly drop below – 40°C.

Air Connections

Finnair, our preferred partner will take you via Helsinki to Lapland Province. Your destination airport is Rovaniemi.

Travel Season / Climate

Although winter’s first peak season is during the Christmas holidays, we prefer the period between the end of January and mid March.

Snow is guaranteed at Lapland Province and due to a low humidity the severe cold does not feel as harsh.

Clothing / Equipment

Traveling during the winter good clothing is important: thermal underwear, hats, special gloves for extreme low temperatures and quality winter footwear are necessary.

Outerwear should be breathable and for outside activities a protective face mask is recommended.

Costs / Utilities

Foods and alcoholic drinks are a bit more expensive than they are in Germany but not as much as it is often said.

Typical souvenirs from Lapland Province are samish arts and crafts made of wood, bone and fur, the famous Finish knives or a variety of handicrafts made of metal and textiles.

This and that

Finland's electrical current is 220/50 volts/hz AC. Plugs look the same as in most of Europe.

In Finland smoking is banned from all public grounds, facilities and buildings. Restaurants offer a non-smoking area.

Lapland Province is in the East-European time-zone.

It is not usual to give a tip in restaurants, taxis and for other services. Common credit cards are nationwide accepted and ATMs can easily be used with an EC / Maestro card.

Although Finland is known as a save holiday destination, valuables, suitcases and bags should not carelessly be left alone.