Rallye Action


Uwe Nittel Drift Drive


This is the ideal program for all drivers interested in motor sports who want to improve their car control and also expand their safety margin.

For the STEP 1 training we are providing following car: 

  • Drift BMW 320i with roll cage, KW sport chassis, molded seats and 5-point harness.

Two drivers will be sharing one of the four Drift BMW 320i E36 owned by the Verkehrssicherheitszentrum Sachsenring.
Learn the basics of rally driving and develop perfect skills of driving close to the limit in extreme situations.
The basic training takes place on flooded asphalt skid-pads, which avoid both abnormal stress on the cars and measurable wear of the tires.

Qualifications: none
Duration: 8h
Participants: max. 10 people per group


  • theoretical introduction: discussion on the basics of rally sports
  • correct seating position
  • recognizing and approaching the limit
  • correct handling of the accelerator on a slippery road
  • rally-style cornering techniques
  • setting the car before a corner
  • using the new skills on various parts of the Sachsenring circuits
  • circular track: starting and holding a drift
  • drift-handling course: weight-shift drifting / drifting around a 500 m circular track
  • Omega bend: starting and holding a drift at a higher speed
  • Sachsenring circuit (short track): free style drifting on the 2.1 km long circuit

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